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Server Rules

Official Rules for TritonalNetwork

Please note that ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for an appeal. It is your responsibility to read these rules and if your ban will not be lifted if you use the excuse of "I didn't read the rules"

                General Rules

  1. Do not spam
  2. Do not advertise
  3. Do not swear
  4. Do not harass other players
  5. Do not purchase troll (purchasing a lower rank for someone that they already have)
  6. Do not impersonate another player
  7. Do not go against a staff member's word, it is final
  8. Do not have an inappropriate skin. username or cape
  9. Do not use "hacked" clients or mods that enable you to have an advantage over other players
  10. Do not get involved with hackers
  11. Do not ask for any ranks
  12. Do not disrespect any player
  13. Do not post any links not related to a server, please ask a staff member prior to posting them
  14. Do not leak any information of another user
  15. Do not be racist
  16. Do not be sexist
  17. Do not be homophobic
  18. Do not try to evade a punishment
  19. Do not indirectly advertise
  20. Do not attempt to stop other users from having fun
Founder & Developer of TritonalNetwork

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